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Guitar Tuition

I got my first guitar on my 14th birthday and had wanted to start playing guitar for a long time, and learned very quickly forming a rock band at 16. in that time teaching people guitar is something I did a lot of.  Friends woud say "how do you play this riff?" or "How can I play this chord better? " and I  would sit down and show them...        

I've been teaching guitar for years, and learning myself, but it was in 1998 I set up my own guitar/keyboard tutoring business and have been doing that ever since along with playing live and writing/recording songs.

Most of my pupils are in the 8 to 16 age range, however.........

Can you teach an old dog new tricks? Answer is yes - with the right incentives !  Sorry for the "Old Dog" bit...seriously: if you are older don't let that put you off. I have been teaching a Grandad how to play beatles songs with success !!  Everyone is different, but if you are willing  to stick at something and put the hard work into it, then it is possible !  

TRIED IN THE PAST ??  but didn't get very far. Fingers hurting...pushy teacher...lack of confidence.  I have found a way  of teaching guitar that is fun, not too intense with the theory     but bags of fun on the practical side.  I can show you techniques I have developed over many years of playing, some of which are not in the tuition books.

The lessons are tailored to each individual depending on ability and musical taste allthough I do like to teach many of the popular musical genres on the basis of fun being the best way, rather than too bogged down in theoryland, like in an exam room....after all, music is all about PLAYING it !

Having said that, theory is necessary and again I have found easier and more different ways of getting my pupils heads around theory. 

Keyboard Tuition : I also teach keyboards and piano. Starting piano pupils off by learning scales and how to bring a simple rhythm into playing with chords. Keyboard playing is slightly different in that there is an auto-accompaniment yet pupils still learn chord shapes as these are necessary with the left hand technique on modern keyboards. 

DO YOU HAVE A KEYBOARD ?  but it's just sat there under it's cover (if you have one)  or in it's box. Perhaps you have been discouraged or overwhelmed by all the theory. Then I   can help ! Again I use the "fun is best" way of learning as I find this gets the best results. I can give an evaluation lesson at a very reasonable rate with no obligation to continue.  What I want to achieve is for you to "get the bug" and then you will be playing and playing. If you have a favourite song then we can look at this or parts of this as a means to get you learning...

If you would like to know more, e-mail me on =DanielGtrman@yahoo.co.uk  or contact me on my  mobile on = 07956 065849..

Here are a few of my younger pupils with whom I have parental permission to show their pics here.

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